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The Second Scramble for Africa – Julius K. Nyerere

Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere

Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere

(From a speech delivered at the opening of a World Assembly of Youth seminar in Dar es Salaam in 1961)

I am a firm advocate of African Unity. I am convinced that, just as unity was necessary for the achievement of independence in Tanganyika, or in any other nation, unity is equally necessary for the whole of Africa to achieve and maintain her independence.

I believe that, left to ourselves, we can achieve unity on the African Continent. But I don’t believe that we are going to be left to ourselves! I believe that the phase from which we are now emerging successfully is the phase of the First Scramble for Africa, and Africa’s reaction to it. We are now entering a new phase – the phase of the Second Scramble for Africa. And just as, in the First Scramble for Africa, one tribe was divided against another tribe to make the division of Africa easier, in the Second Scramble for Africa one nation is going to be divided against another nation to make it easier to control Africa by making her weak and divided against herself.

It is for this reason. Therefore, that before we can talk complacently about ‘African Unity’ we should examine carefully the external ideas which are likely to be imposed upon us – imposed not for the purpose of uniting us, but for the purpose of dividing us.  Read the rest of this entry »


Message to America from Tanzania’s President Julius K. Nyerere

As United States citizens wake up into their 57th election today, let us remind ourselves of the message sent to them by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Tanzania’s first president and a prominent Southern African liberation figure, which was published by TIME Magazine on Monday, Jul. 26, 1976.

Julius K Nyerere: First President of Tanzania

As part of our Bicentennial observances TIME asked leaders of nations round the world to address the American people through the pages of TIME on how they view the U.S. and what they hope, and expect, from the nation in the years ahead. This message from Tanzania’s President Julius K. Nyerere is the fourth in a series.

America is a society whose faults are the more glaring because of its admirable openness, because of the principles on which the nation was founded and because of the power which comes from its wealth and its size. It is an inspiration, and a warning, to the world. Poor nations aspire to emulate it, or else they fear it—and sometimes both …Continue reading

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The Global Competitiveness Index 2012–2013: Country Profile: Tanzania

Tanzania is ranked 120th this year. Tanzania benefits from public institutions characterized by a relative evenhandedness in the government’s dealings with the private sector (56th) and government regulation that is not seen as overly burdensome (58th). In addition, some aspects of the labor market lend themselves to efficiency, such as a high female participation in the labor force (5th) and reasonable redundancy costs.(Click & zoom the image for a clear view)

On the other hand, Continue reading….

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We all posses just enough to be our greatest self

Zitto na Demokrasia

Zitto na Demokrasia

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We all posses just enough to be our greatest self